Welcome to the Daft network, traveler!

The network hosts most of my services aimed at cloud conveniences, software development and connectivity. As such, you can expect most things here to be distinctively railroad-themed. (The fact that I like trains has absolutely nothing to do with it.)

My other domain, yaku.moe, hosts video game servers and the more otaku oriented stuff. It unfortunately still doesn't have a fancy frontpage like daft.network. I'll get to that eventually.

Stuff used to build this

It's mostly plain html and basic Sass. I use jQuery because I detest vanilla JS. And many kudos to the guy that made OverlayScrollbars, so I can have non-obstructive scrollbars.


I go by the alias "Herr Fristi", because I drink way too much Fristi. I maintain daft.network mostly as a hobby and to learn new things. Whenever I'm not at work and not busy with this place, I like to kick back and enjoy some retro gaming on my raspi setup. Did I tell you Fristi is my favorite drink?

Contact me here if you must. You can find more of my inane musings on niu.moe:

Some fun facts:
- Daft Network was the name of my railway company in Railroad Tycoon.
- I have 4.500+ hours on Garry's Mod, best timesink ever.



Git repository hosting is provided by our gitea instance. It currently doesn't host a lot, but I guess that's fine.

File sharing

File hosting and sharing is provided by our NextCloud instance. Public registration is disabled, but if you need an account, you can always ask.

Minecraft (yaku.moe)

Yaku.moe hosts a minecraft server. It uses its own mod pack, which we've conveniently packed together as a Multi-MC instance. Simply add yaku.moe as the server address and off you go!

SRCDS (yaku.moe)

Yaku.moe also occasionally hosts Source servers, usually the "Yaku Trains & Moe Tanks" Garry's Mod server. The server can be reached at yaku.moe. The required content pack can be found here:


...or basically, affiliates. You know, the old way of "surfing the web", before Google messed everything up.

The list is still empty though. Contact me if you want me to mention your site here.


Join our discord server:

Trying to get in touch with me? You can reach me here: